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On the veggie side of life


On the veggie side of life

Dear visitor, 

Nice to have you here on my blog – welcome!

As you might have guessed already, this is all about my biggest and most passionate hobby – cooking and creating new recipes.  

After one exciting year of sharing my recipes on this blog, I have decided to make Lenalicious accessible to international visitors - and here we go! Bit by bit I try to translate all the recipes. As there are quite a lot of them it takes some time. Therefore, I ask you for some patience until everthing is translated. 

If you click "All posts", you will see all my recipes. Those with a bilingual title have been translated so far. 

My aim is not to convince you that vegetarian or vegan food is the best diet – everybody has to decide it on his own. I simply want to share my ideas and my passion with you.

Of course, I would be more than glad, if you were open-minded for new things, things with which you haven’t dealt with in your everyday life so far.

Enjoy browsing through my recipes and trying out some of them! Take out your frying pans and get started. 




About me

About me

Why I have chosen to write this blog…

…because I would love to share my cooking passion and my passion for eating with the rest of the world. I also want to inspire you to try some meat-free and sometimes even dairy-free recipes.

What and who is important in my life…

Cooking (with friends), discovering new restaurants, Yoga (!), jogging, travelling around the world, my two enchanting younger sisters, my home-city Vienna, the rest of my dear friends, leafing through cooking books,…

I am a huge fan of…

…eating slowly, with relish and in good company

…the cooking process itself, which always calms me down

…Austrian sweets; while travelling around, I came to the result that there is nothing more tasteful than our Austrian sweet and warm dishes. I do really appreciate them.

What makes me angry…

…Phrases like, “You don’t eat meat. Does that mean that you are using tofu to replace it?” (Who needs a meat substitute, let alone “real meat”!)

…our throwaway society

…the wide-shared opinion among people that animals are on earth to land on our plates or in the garbage bin.

What I want to add…

…The recipes which you can find on my blog are mostly a combination of recipes which I find in cooking books during leafing through them. Of course, I adapt them and give them my personal “Lenalicous-note”.

I want to thank my mum who showed me what it means to nourish yourself in a healthy way from the beginning of my childhood. She also showed me how to cook.

There is my best friend Lisa with whom I discover new things – I really enjoy cooking with her. Thank you!

My wish…

I really hope that I can motivate you with my recipes to make you swing your wooden spoon!

enjoying some traditional food of Taha'a (French Polynesia)

©Petra Fröschl from holis-market in Linz

self-made pumpkin-gnocchi 

self-made springrolls (Malaysia)


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